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How To Sneak Exercise Into Your Kids Schedule

Posted on May 18, 2019

How To Sneak Exercise Into Your Kid’s Schedule

Nowadays we are all getting busier and busier, whether it is long hours at work, making time for family or simply getting a few minutes to yourself each day! It is the same for our kids - children nowadays are the ultimate overachievers.

From school to soccer practice to music lessons it can seem like twenty-four hours simply isn’t long enough for them to have fun playing, and stay healthy. Here are some sneaky tips, to make sure your kids are fitting in enough physical activity (while still having a good time), no matter how busy they get.

sneaky exercise for kids

Make Working Out Feel Like Playing

The trick to getting kids to do most things that are good for them (exercising, eating vegetables etc.) is to make it feel like a game since if they had a choice they would play all day. Great things to look out for are high-quality trampolines for sale, kids ride-on cars and kids outdoor play equipment, which will make great additions to a family home.

You could even look into getting sandpits in your backyard or climbing frames to keep your little ones active during their playtime.

Hula Hoops Are Great Fun!

We all remember the joy of playing with hula hoops as kids - and they are just as fun at any age. 

Set Off On A Family Adventure

Nothing’s more exciting than exploring somewhere new with your family - family bonding time, a getaway from responsibilities and potentially great exercise all in one! 

Try Something New - Outdoor Laser Tag! (That's us!) 

Monisha says there are so many activities out there that we simply do not get the time to try, and many of them are incredibly physically engaging. Next time you are not sure what to do with the little ones on a quiet weekend, try something new. Like outdoor laser tag; this is the perfect solution. Or perhaps it could even be an incredible idea for a kid’s birthday party?

Nicole Lander from Laser Tag in a Box explains this unique idea:

“A great way to get kids out and about is to play outdoor laser tag. Just like a live video game, kids have loads of fun and get some exercise without even thinking about it.”

Play Games That Involve Lots Of Movement

Pretty much all little ones love games - I mean what’s not to get excited about? So why not get the whole family involved and have fun with some games you never get around to playing during the busy school or workweek. 

Try Setting Up An Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are great ways to get kids active, with them hardly realizing what they are doing. 

Acrobatics Are Fun-Filled And Fuel Creativity!

Who wouldn’t find flipping around and learning new tricks an absolute ball?

Summing Up: Ways To Sneak Exercise into your Child's Routine

There are lots of fun and unique ways to sneak a bit of extra exercise into your kid's schedule. Ideas like acrobatics, trampolining or outdoor laser tag are all great options.

What have you found works in your family? We'd love to head your feedback. Pop your comments in, just below.

Read Monisha Iswaran's (from MyDeal) full blog post, here

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