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The New Thrill on the Block

Posted on February 14, 2018

Parents need to do their homework if they expect to get a pass mark with school fundraising projects.

Nicole Lander, who runs the Laser Tag website, a brand new portable attraction for fairs and fundraisers, says event organizers can no longer expect the community to support unimaginative events.

“Schools are becoming more professional because they need the money and because there are more companies providing services to them,” she said.

“And parents just don’t have the time to sit on committees, bake cakes and do crafts like they used to.”

But that doesn’t mean the festival is dead.

“The key to a village fair is getting the kids there, but if you just hire the same-old jumping castle (bounce house) you are not going to attract the middle school kids,” Ms Lander said.

“It is a mistake to cater only for very young kids."

"Children nowadays are used to Xbox and Playstation.”

The biggest primary school in the State, Macgregor State School in Brisbane, has an annual fund-raiser called Mayfest which provides about $50,000 to the school’s coffers.

They were one of the very first innovative schools to book a new style of outdoor games called Laser Tag.

This game is played outside, so Parents and Carers can see all the action.

“It is getting harder to raise money so we need to think outside of the box and do things differently,” Ms Lander said.

To make fundraising easier, Ms Lander has a team to bring alive the fun of computer games.

"Our Carnival has now come and gone, leaving in its wake a large number of very happy young people from around Australia and New Zealand, and a small number of satisfied but tired organisers. Thank you so much for all your assistance. The children who engaged in Laser Tag had a great time. Your arrangements helped ensure that everything went smoothly. Wishing you continuing success," said Tony Leverton, Maccabi Junior Carnival.

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