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Add a Game Box to Your Laser Tag Party

Here's a great idea to add some spark to your laser tag party.

If you plan to rent a pack for a set of 8 laser taggers or a set of 12 laser taggers (or even more) then adding an optional "Game Box" is a terrific idea. 

With the "Game Box" you can play the fun "Capture & Hold" Game. 

How to Play Laser Games with a Game Box

This is a great fun game, just like a live video game.

You place the Game box in the middle of your playing area. The kids need to tag each other & the box. When a player on the red team tags the box it flashes red & there's a cool sound effect "Ding!". When the blue team tags it the box flashes blue and issues a SFX "Dong!". So you can imagining it now: "Ding!" and then "Dong!",  

The computer times how long each team has the box in control and flashes the winning team's colour at the end of the game. Super easy & fun. 

You can use the Game Box either indoors or outdoors.


game box - red Place the Box in the centre of your back yard (about equal distance between the red team and blue team base).

  • Set the game time for 10 minutes (or 5 minutes, or whatever you time like) 
  • Place the Game Box in the middle of wherever you are playing
  • Tell the players they are not to move the box.
  • When the red team players tag the box and it flashes red.
  • When the blue team players tag the box then it will flash blue
  • The timer inside the box works how long each team was in control.
  • At the end of the game time the team which had control for the most time, wins! the box will flash that team colour and say "blue team is victorious" or "red team is victorious"


game box

Pictured right is  a photo of the game box. 








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