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Nerf Party Ideas  

A great idea for a boy's birthday party is a "nerf war". Lots of kids nowadays have their own arsenal of Nerf.  You can invite your buddies to bring their Nerf guns to the party with them.

While most boys have a stockade full of nerfing, you might not have enough props to convert your backyard into a battleground. After all the kids need some things to hide behind. 

Laser Tag at home and NERF are quiet different games. Laser Tag uses infrared (safe light) to emit an invisible beam in order to tag your opposition. Whereas NERF guns use foam bullets. Both are fun games. 

Transform Your Backyard Into a Nerf Warzone

A cool idea is to hire our gaming inflatables.

So even if you want to replace our phasers with nerf guns, you can set up your party with cool inflatables.

There are cone-shaped inflatables and brick-shaped inflatables, Because the inflatables are soft-play they are great for kids' parties. You can rent them in sets of 4. Or if you are planning a bigger NERF party then you can rent a set of 8 inflatables.

You can transform your backyard into a Nerf battlefield using oversized cardboard boxes. (Try your local Bunnings store or local hardware shop to see if they have some spare cardboard boxes.)

Half the fun is painting them up before the party. Use green, brown, and black paint to keep with the camo/army theme. 

These cardboard boxes become fantastic forts! 

inflatables create an "instant" Maze

To really theme your home for your nerf party try renting some camo nets and camo bunting. 

What Is A Good Age For A Nerf Birthday Party? 

The ideal age for boys or girls nerf party is from 5 years old and up. Kids turning 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or even 11 also love having a nerf battle party. 

A nerf party can be hours of fun for children. 

And they'll be guaranteed to sleep well that night! 


nerf war party

Had an Awesome Time

Dear Nicole & Team, Thank you so much the kids had an awesome time. It was absolutely great fun! We will certainly be back and we have already handed out your referral slips. Thanks again, from all the birthday boys.
Liz, Running Creek


If Not Nerf? Then What?

While a Nerf battle party is a lot of fun, there are some draw-backs. Running around searching for random nerf bullets can be frustrating.

Take your battle to the next level: play laser tag! 

If you would like some battle games but don't want the mess then consider laser tag.

With laser tag games you can have the red team versus the blue team. You can rent a set of 8 laser taggers so you can play 4 vs 4. Or even play a free-for-all. 

nerf battle party alternative


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