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Planning a Laser Tag Event?

[INFO] Where to Play?

Laser Tag at its most basic is just hide & seek. But think of it as "high-tech hide and seek". Which means all the players will want somewhere they can hide! A good rule of thumb is number of players at once = minimum number of hiding spots.


What can you use?

Laser Tag can be played just about anywhere. 

We have had customers set up a field of hay bails (see below!).  

Trees are your friend. Find an area with plenty of trees and you'll be set. 

If you are looking to set up in your back yard, consider cardboard boxes painted up with camo patterns, or rent one of our camo nets to throw over a play set. 

Or you can hire one of our Inflatables which are perfect for laser tag! Check out our shop to see the different packs. 


See the inflatables in action!





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