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5 Tips For a Birthday Party for Kids Post-Pandemic

Posted on June 14, 2020

Party Tips For Throwing A Birthday Celebration in the Backyard 

5 Top Tips For Throwing A Birthday Party for Kids Post-Pandemic 

Introduction: "Backyard Parties"

Many of our most loved hot-spots and services are re-opening and we are starting to reconnect with our favourite people and places. 

This is your chance to get out and about.

If you have been holding off during the quarantine period now is a great time to host that birthday party you’ve been putting off. 

While this year has meant you might have kiboshed the kids party you originally planned, an “at-home” birthday celebration could be a fantastic solution! 

Cooper & Jack's laser tag birthday party in the backyard

You may have planned a laser tag birthday party at an indoor arena near you. 

But with many indoor family entertainment centres still having limited capacity due to the coronavirus restrictions you might be asking yourself: "How can I celebrate my sweet son or darling daughter's birthday this year?"

Savvy parents are considering an at-home birthday party for kids where the party-goers can play outside in the backyard in the fresh air. You can rent a laser tag set and play fun games like "Capture and Hold" in that backyard. Games that are simple to run and give your kids the thrill-factor. 

Birthday Party Tip #1 - Guest List

Keep the guest list as short as possible. Nowadays you are not expected to invite the entire class. 

Instead, as a good rule of thumb, add one player to your child's age. This is a good target number for your guest list. For example, if your child is turning 11 consider having 12 kids at your party. 

Mind you if you have a really big backyard, or live on acreage, then you could go bigger! 

Birthday Party Tip #2 - Name Each Child's Tagger 

Sharing items may be frowned upon lately, so by allocating one laser tagger to each party-goer this is an easy way to reduce common touchpoints. 

Use a small bit of masking tape and put each child's name on it (see the main image). That way in between games, when the kids place the laser taggers down, they will know which one is theirs. 

Masking tape is good because you can easily remove it after the party. 

Birthday Party Tip #3 - Eat Outside 

Australians love their backyard BBQ and sausage sizzle. Hosting the party food outdoors is a perfect choice for a post-pandemic party. 

Gone is the buffet or smorgasbord where party guests can graze for food. Instead, you can create little individual "field ration" packs.  

You could place a bread-roll or bun in each of the ration boxes and use tongs to place a sausage on each when the BBQ is ready. 

You can also order individual lolly packs from Laser Tag in a Box. These make a great thank you gift or party memento. 

individual laser tag lolly bags

Birthday Party Tip #4 - Cake To Cupcakes

Another tip for a post-pandemic birthday party is to bake (or order) individual cupcakes instead of the traditional birthday cake. 

A fun way to display these cupcakes is to form them into the shape of your child's age. 

Here's how it works: Say you are throwing a boy's birthday party for Connor who is turning 11. Connor is going to have 12 kids at his party. You place 12 yummy chocolate cupcakes in the shape of the number 12. 

Each one has the name of the party guest. You can write the child's name on the outside of the patty-pan paper or write the name of each party guide on a cupcake topper. This way everyone knows which cupcake belongs to each child. You might also want to keep a few extra cupcakes in the kitchen in case anyone wants seconds! 

Birthday Party Tip #5 - Spread the Games Out

One popular laser tag game that kids play in the backyard is called "Capture & Hold". 

And there is an easy way to spread these laser tag games out. The most popular laser tag at home rental pack comes with 12 laser taggers -- 6 on the red team and 6 on the blue team. The package includes two battle boxes set as medics (or respawn points to use video-game lingo!). The kids get 5 hit points and when they are tagged out, they run back to their base camp, wherever you've placed these medic boxes. The good news is that the kids don't need to press any buttons, rather they just need to stand nearby the box and the computer will re-activate the taggers automatically. 

In the "Capture & Hold" game the kids need to tag each other and the "Capture Box". (We also call it a "Game Box".) When the red team tags the Capture Box it flashes red. When the blue team tags the Capture Box it flashes blue. Say you are running a 10-minute game and the blue team have it in control for 7 minutes. At the end of the time, the laser tag system pauses everyone automatically and the box will flash the winning team's colour. 

When playing "Capture and Hold" an extra battle box - set as a "Capture Box" or also known as a "Game Box" is placed in the middle of the playing area. Instead of having just a single Capture Box, if instead, you place three Capture Boxes around the central playing area this will naturally spread the gameplay out. 

At Home Birthday Party Tips: Conclusion 

Birthday parties are a fabulous opportunity to express love for your son or daughter, to mark the passing of another year of their childhood and to celebrate with your friends and family by doing something adventurous. 

After weeks or months of quarantine, isolating and virtual conversations via Zoom many parents, post-pandemic, are now ready to socialise with friends and family again. 

Health officials have authorised small outdoor gatherings and many people are taking advantage of the new possibilities. And one way to celebrate your kid’s birthday is at home with an outdoor laser tag party. 

By following these few tips for a post-pandemic party your event will be a memorable one! 

After all Laser Tag is a fun activity for kids of all ages.

It is exhilarating, especially when played outside! 


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