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New Laser Tag Phaser "Cobra"

Posted on November 14, 2019

Innovations To Keep Laser Tag Zapping  

Here's a story about the Cobra laser tagger. 

Cobra Laser Tagger 

For over a decade, Nicole and Peter Lander have been supplying a range of laser tag equipment to businesses seeking innovations in live gaming.

The couple has exported their kit to more than 55 countries.

Continuing this tradition of innovation they’ve teamed with DesignWorks to design a new toy model: the Cobra. 

The Cobra is the most technologically advanced phaser in the world – an intersection between computer gaming and live-action. 

The product enables people to engage in an immersive, simulated skirmish as a game, training, team building, or fitness activity. 

The Cobra houses the Landers’ patented optoelectronics system called SATR (small arms transmitter-receiver).

The system can emulate the performance and sounds of more than 300 emulations, including a “Laser Tag” theme.

The system uses a combination of lensed infrared and radio data to enable real-time hit-feedback and other statistics, e.g. fire accuracy; all without requiring a central computer system.

In other outdoor systems, the target player knows he has been hit, but the firer often doesn't know he has got them.

 “When a gamer tags an enemy, the shooting phaser instantly says ‘tagged’ or ‘de-activated’ or ‘de-activated already,’ said Ms Lander.

“On the flip side, the enemy’s phaser issues a near-miss, wound, or dead sound effect,” said Ms Lander.

“It is what all gamers strive for; to go from listening to gunfire via speakers to hearing it all around them as their pulse races,” said Ms Lander.

“And the cool thing is that the phasers can be configured so it interacts with you in different languages,” said Ms Lander.

“We just were asked to integrate the Basque language for a new client in Spain,” said Nicole Lander.

“In the past laser tag had to be played in the dark with lots of fog, in small indoor arenas and constrained by a central computer system,” said Ms Lander.

“With SATR gamers can take their skills from virtual matches into a live game, to experience the excitement of a Hollywood blockbuster, with themselves as the leading lady/man,” said Ms Lander.

With this new technology, laser games are now 100% portable – indoors or outdoors.

The system works “peer-to-peer” meaning one player’s phaser recognizes a signal directly from another player, rather than via a central computer.

Global Game Plan - Explosive Growth

Now with the couple’s new rental program, the fun of combat entertainment can be enjoyed at home.

"Really, the new Cobra is all about fun, fast and reliable performance for those looking to get for affordable, dependable party entertainment," said Ms Lander.

To keep pace with explosive growth the Landers plan to expand their equipment rental capacity.

Work is underway to expand the duo’s toy arsenal. 

Nicole Lander said, “We are expanding our collection to handle a huge increase in customer demand and to accommodate the dramatic forecasted growth in our new rental packages.”

 “We have seen a massive uptake on our laser tag hire offer, in fact, we practically doubled our turnover between 2009 and 2010, and are planning to do so again in 2011,” said Ms Lander.

“We see our Australia laser tag hire service as a pilot,” said Ms Lander.

 “This is an exciting time for our business; we plan to roll-out our rental program to the United States next year,” said Ms Lander.

“Our biggest hurdle to our business expansion is capital because just like a car-hire company this business model is capital intensive,” said Ms Lander.

About Battlefield Sports

Battlefield Sports is the world leader in the development and production of high powdered infrared phasers for combat games. The group has exported its equipment to more than 55 countries.         

Battlefield Sports™ makes patent‐pending SATR® gaming guns, gaming inflatables, and writes unique battle missions. With millions of games played across the world, the compnany is headquartered in Australia and has agencies in the UK, Chile, Denmark, and in the USA. It has won numerous awards for excellence, including being named the Arts/Entertainment Exporter of the Year (2011). With more than a decade of experience, Battlefield Sports is the pacesetter in the development of live gaming entertainment systems. is the domestic arm of Battlefield Sports™ hires gaming equipment to birthday parties, vacation care programs and summer camps.


Nicole Lander, Chief Fun Officer,


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