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Goodbye Jumping Castles

Posted on February 14, 2017


Bye-Bye Jumping Castles

There comes a time in every kid’s life when jumping castles (or bounce houses) no longer cut it. Then, somebody invites them to their first laser tag party and….they’re hooked! Over 100,000 thousand Australian kids visit laser tag centres in Australia every year. But just imagine if laser tag could come to your place? Well, now it can! is one of Australia’s most-respected LaserTag companies, now delivers door-to-door. have launched Fun-in-a-Box, door-to-door delivery of all the gear you’ll need to play LaserTag in your backyard, local park or Vacation Care. Each box holds 10 cool phasers, 5 bandanas for each team, 2 team flags and lots of other goodies to create your own fun games. The infra-red phasers are 100% safe and you can play in daylight or at night.

LaserTag can be played with any theme you like and the team has noticed girls playing too. Plenty of kids love a traditional army game and suggest other ideas from your favourite movies or books, like a ‘superhero’, ‘relic raider’ or ‘alien invasion’ party. It’s definitely going to be even more fun if everyone comes dressed in the theme.

LaserTag is designed to play in teams. Games include Elimination; Defend the Base or Capture the Flag. Or you can play all of them because Fun-in-a-Box is all yours for 24 hours!

The creators of LaserTag-in-a-Box are Nicole and Peter Lander, parents of Ben and Brynnie. is part of their Queensland-based Battlefield Sports, which has won plenty of awards; including a Queensland Telstra Business Woman of the Year (Innovation) for Nicole and the company was named in the State Exporter of the Year (Arts/Entertainment) in the Premier of Queensland's Export Awards.

In addition to running LaserTag-in-a-Box, Nicole and Peter design amazing phasers; run live Laser Tag sites and export their games and phasers to the world. delivers door-to-door nationally for birthday parties, fetes, Vacation Care Centres and even corporate events (mum and dad can have the best office Christmas parties this year!). The box includes ten cool phasers and accessories (including hire of flags, bandanas and whistles); enough for everyone to have fun, whether it’s for 20 kids at a party, or 50 at vacation care. You can even add LaserTag inflatable obstacles to your door-to-door order to make the games more exciting.

For more information Or type in What is Laser Tag? Laser Tag Parties Explained on YouTube. Or to make a booking, call 1800 BOOK US.

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