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Getting Started

Here is the Quick Start Guide to get you started. Download it here

What’s in your Box?

When you first get your box/boxes check off each item against your packing slip. This will list what's included in your order.

Getting Started

Locate your keys. There is one per box. To switch each unit on, turn the key ¼ clockwise. Take the key out of the phasers/boxes to play.

The Phasers are set to Teams. The phasers on the blue can ONLY tag the red team. And cannot tag other blues. Likewise the red team can only tag blue. And cannot tag other reds.

Enjoyed Everything

Enjoyed everything. Had a great time!


Look for the blue team headbands that are attached to the phaser. This is how players can tell which team they are on. 


Red team phasers will have a red headband attached to their phaser. We recommend wearing a hat or our provided bandannas underneath the headband. 


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