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Student Centred Entertainment 

Vacation Care Programs - Laser Tag Incursion 

Looking for a Fun Holiday Incursion idea? 

Fun Activities that last all day, easy to run for the carers, and is convenient for you? Keep them entertained from 6 am to 6 pm. 

Laser Tag at your place is a fantastic value.

Holiday Program Winner!

Laser Tag is a low risk, fun, stimulating activity where they can live out their adventures, in the safety of your centre. 

The children love it - it's fun, active, and team-based. Laser Tag in a Box offers great value. We provide over the phone customer service and deliver the equipment right to your door. 

Included are easy step-by-step instructions. 

This is the perfect option for primary school-aged kids. Boredom is banished. Batteries are long-lasting, so you can play all day.

We have helped more than 1550 school-based centres, YMCAs, & PCYCs deliver engaging & fun school holiday programs from Altona to Woollahra, in the city & in the outback. 

We ship Australia-wide or save and collect from our Brisbane shop. 

laser tag vacation care incursion
"Our children at vacation care have had this several times and really have enjoyed it. What better thing is there to do when you can not go on excursions? The children always have a good time. Finding new places to hide and sneak up on their friends. Would we book a laser tag hire again? Definitely!" Lisa, YMCA Flagstone 

We Chose Laser Tag Hire

We chose Laser Tag in a Box because could facilitate the laser tag activity ourselves especially with the COVID-19 and social distancing. Great service. Friendly and helpful staff. Really easy to use. And is delivered at our service. 10 out of 10.
Vitalina, YMCA Peak Crossing OSHC

Amazing Value!

Up to 32 Kids  

If you have a centre with up to 32 students, then an eight pack is the best value for money. 

You can divide your students into four groups, giving them plenty of games over the day!

Up to 48 Kids  

If you expecting up to forty-eight kids at your centre, then hiring out 12 pack is the way to go!

Up to 64 Kids  

For large centres we have plenty of avaliability. Here are the prices for a 16 pack, but you can also hire 20, 24, 28 or more!

Give us a call for a quote today 1800 266 587.


A Fun Vacation Incursion 

vacation incursions

Suits Primary School Kids 

Laser tag is perfect for students from Prep to Year 6. It's gone the lights, sound effects and action the younger kids love.

Like A LIVE Video Game 

The laser tag games feel like a "live video game" which gets the older kids engaged and active.

vacation program activities

Fantastic Value

Because you aren't booking per student, Laser Tag at your centre becomes super affordable. Plus, you don't have to book a bus or battle through traffic. 

Easy & Convenient 

We deliver it to you! The Laser Tag arrives at your centre a couple of days beforehand (we'll let you know your ETA when you book!) and then it gets collected the business day after. 



Your Incursion Checklist 

The kit itself is easy to operate and every package includes a guide on how to use it.

We know what you are looking for in your incursions - and we have everything you need. 

Call us to see what we can do for you. 

Give us a call PH 1300 666 559


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